Monday, March 4, 2013

a prom weekend.

saturday morning we woke up, packed up, and headed to coalville. it was prom weekend in coalville. this was the last one for this holmes family. it was finally haley's turn. 

she got home from her day date and was lucky enough to have all of her sisters there ready to pamper her. all three of us were honestly doing something on her for over an hour. we did our best to make her look how she had planned and dreamed for the years leading up to this special night. 

brooklyn was in the mix often, having to sit right on auntie hay's lap.

she looked gorgeous. that baby sister of mine. how the heck is she a junior already? going to prom? dating boys? time has seriously just flown. 

after she left, we all hung around until it was time to get ready for us to head to the prom. yep we go. that's how it is in small towns. the dance is at the high school. the juniors spend all week decorating and transforming the gym to match their chosen theme. it's an awesome tradition. the whole town shows up for the event. 

the junior class is announced and then they perform their promenade to their prom theme song. again, a great tradition. brooklyn loved it. i don't think she even blinked during promenade. as the song ended, she had drool dripping down her chin. she loved it!

daddy/daughter dance. my dad's last one. 

baby liv was tuckered right out. she was pooped. sweet little thing. 

dancing with daddy.

when they opened up the dancing to everyone, brooklyn couldn't get out on the dance floor fast enough. she cleared out her own little dance floor and danced until she was beet red in the face. she was so happy. a few of her favorite songs played and she could hardly contain her excitement. so cute.

sunday was a lot more low key. church, sunday dinner of roast, mashed potatoes, peas, rolls, and jello, and then a lot of relaxing. that's the way to end a good weekend. lots of relaxing. one of my favorite past times. does that make me lazy?

(folding laundry and then heading back to usu) 

(packing for the rest of her prom date: a trip to nyc for a day. lucky duck.) 

(reading some health articles. always trying to be more healthy.)

h a p p y  m o n d a y

and heck,

h a p p y  4 t h  d a y  o f  m a r c h

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