Tuesday, March 5, 2013

monday doings.

yesterday i : 

got all my laundry done (it has yet to be folded. enter, tuesday.)

booked our flights to hawaii

made lunch plans with one of my favorite friends

painted (pics later!)

drove to bountiful to run errands

tried on swim suits

vacuumed my kitchen floor

started my menu plan for the next two weeks

visited with my SIL (toria as brooklyn calls her)

painted some more

made dinner

james and i organized our office/desk space for fhe

brooklyn played

and played...

james got brooklyn ready for bed. 

we sat down as a family to watch a movie (wall-e. so dang cute.)

brooklyn had to have her 'fluffy' outfit on over her pj's. girl's obsessed.

a bowl of cereal during the movie. 

it was quite the day folks. i felt like the energizer bunny. full blast. all. day. long. hopefully i can keep it up for the rest of the week. lots to get done.

oh, and i couldn't leave out one of the highlights of my day...

you know food's involved...

i picked up a huge slice of coconut cake while in bountiful. i shared it with james and tori (toria), and even brooklyn got a few bites. 

this stuff is heavenly times ten. this coconut cake will be in heaven.

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