Thursday, February 28, 2013

a little paint.

when i'm feeling really productive (unlike monday) folks, i get stuff done. after folding laundry, hanging up a load of clothes, unloading and loading the dishwasher, and straightening up brooklyn's room, i decided to paint a couple of my walls (half walls). i've been looking at paint samples for awhile now and i finally decided on one to try. so i got to work.

even brooklyn got in on the action. she loved taping off her own wall.

between primer coats, we danced around and made silly faces. we also made a trip to ulta. very important detail there. 

brooklyn played with her dolly while i put on the final primer coat.

when james got home, the three of us made a run to bountiful to run some quick errands. brooklyn was good until our drive home. she screamed, so we turned up the radio. she screamed some more. so fun.

back at home, james hurry and skyped his sister and his mom and this made brooklyn so happy. we did a whole google chat hang out thing and brooklyn even danced for them. so cute. she sang songs and said a few new words she's learned. all in attendance were impressed. 

while my first coat of paint on the walls were drying, i decided to hurry and try a project i've been pondering over and thinking about for awhile now. homemade blue glass. i went with more of a turquoise and honestly, its still wet up stairs so i can't even tell you how it's turned out. more on that to follow.

during my little project, brooklyn did this...

she was very excited and anxious to pick them all up for me though. not really. but she did help pick them up. that girl. tornado i tell ya. 

i got the last coat of paint on while james got brooklyn ready for bed. i can't wait to see it in the daylight. 

we all hunkered down in the man cave to watch a 'bedtime movie', the lorax. so far so good. brooklyn isn't even acting tired though and it's past her bedtime. james and i are loving the movie. more than brooklyn. it's so colorful and fun. 

anyway, that was our wednesday. thursday should be an adventure. our power will be out from 9 - 12. i have a few things planned for us to do, don't know if it's 3 hours worth, but i guess we'll find out. it's also a wash my hair+blow dry it+and curl it day. a shower at noon? sounds good to me.

h a p p y  l a s t  d a y  o f  f e b r a r y 

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