Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 things...

i was really really at a lost for words or ideas for this blog post. i even thought about it for an hour while i put brooklyn to sleep. then, luckily, one of my favorite bloggers did a /5 things about me/ post and told everyone else to do it too. i'm a follower. i fall to peer pressure. i'm tired. i had no other good ideas. you go, 5 things about me. now YOU have to do it too!

 (oh and some random pics)

 (a little crafting i did yesterday)

1 - i am a mother. a mother to a very spirited 19 month old (as of yesterday). i am a mother of a toddler, not a baby. i have learned more being a mother than doing anything else in my life.

2 - i worked for my uncles' youth wilderness program for a summer when i was 20. it was the HARDEST job i've ever had. i hiked miles every day (sometimes over 20). i packed 60 lbs. on my back doing those hikes. slept on the tent. wiped with...wait for it... leaves and rocks. i learned how to start fires with wood and a rock. heck ya. i would go without a shower for 8 days. if you'd like to know anything else about this. feel free to ask. i have good stories.

3 - i was more brave in my jr high/early high school years than i am now. i bungee jumped, rode the skycoaster (the one that's like bungee jumping but you're strapped in with other people) 3 times in those years, and did that dang ride on top of the stratosphere in las vegas that's like the rocket at lagoon. you could not pay me enough to ever do it again. peer pressure got to me. i am a huge wuss now. huge.

4 - i have been pregnant 4 times. i only have 1 child.  i previously had 3 miscarriages. not a fun time of life for me. not at all.

5 - i taught kindergarten for 3 years. i had approximately 150 students. if i sat down (i sort of have before...), i could name every one of those students. there are some of those students that i think about often. i can't help but get attached to those cute little people. the first class i taught is now in the 4th grade. mind blowing.

k, now it's your turn. see, it's fun! 

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y 

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