Monday, March 11, 2013

mom's birthday weekend.

i love the weekends where we have things planned, and they just get better as the weekend goes along. kayla came to stay friday night and we were so excited to have her. we went shopping, ordered pizza, and brooklyn loved having all of her auntie googs' attention. spoiled girl. 

saturday kayla helped me get my house ready and run some errands in preparation for my family all coming down to my house to celebrate my mom's birthday. she even frosted the birthday cake for me. 

we all met in riverdale to have dinner and then it was back to our house for some cake and ice cream. luckily, we ate earlier in the evening so we got to take our time visiting before it got too late and everyone had to drive home. i loved having everyone at our house. if i had it my way, the whole crew would've stayed all weekend. huge sleepover! i've already tried to talk them into it for christmas...come on guys (realistically...not gonna happen...i can take it). 

kayla and haley decided to sleepover which was awesome. sleepovers are kind of my favorite. and when you sleepover at my house, you get waffles in the morning (or any breakfast you'd like for that matter). we made a late night target run, crashed on the couches, and then dragged ourselves to bed. it was a hoppin time. but we did have waffles in the morning before they were supposed to leave, AND THEN, they decided to stay and just go to church with us (see how this keeps getting better?). they went through my closet and found things that fit and looked half way stylish (they have way better clothes than i do). brooklyn loved having them go to sacrament meeting with her. loved it. those two went to sunday school, me to primary, and james and brooklyn to nursery. the weekend gets even better... brooklyn lasted a whole hour in nursery by herself! wahoo! my goodness that made my heart happy. she was pretty proud of herself as well. 

back at home we had the usual sunday dinner here at cream gables: roast, potatoes, carrots, onions...

brooklyn serenaded us with post dinner piano concert and then we vegged on the tramp outside in the glorious SUNSHINE. gosh that sun. 

kayla and haley headed out, promising to be back soon, and us ruesches took naps/watched movies. just how the sabbath should be. 

we rounded out the weekend with a skype hangout with my in-laws in hawaii and tori at byu. brooklyn loves singing to them and saying all her newest words. we can't wait to go out and visit them in may. we're counting down!

so that's how the weekend went down here. we love being surrounded by those we love and weekends are the perfect time for that!

this cute mom of mine is the most beautiful person inside and out. i love and appreciate her MORE than she'll ever know. i am so thankful that my heavenly father sent me to her. i only hope to become half the mother/wife/person she is. i am so lucky to call her my mom. i love you!

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