Tuesday, March 12, 2013

green smoothie kinda day.

we started our monday out with green smoothies for breakfast a.k.a. spinach + frozen strawberries, mangos,  pineapple + a little water + a little sugar (seriously, a little)

brooklyn loves these smoothies. 

at first taste, i am taken to summer time and i honestly can picture myself standing in my old kitchen in taylorsville, brooklyn at my feet, and a whole summer day ahead of us.

it really really got me wanting and wishing for summer.

not to skip spring or anything... i love spring.

there's just something about summer isn't there?

after her nap, i took that little fireball outside to eat her snack of a banana, which she prefers to hold all on her own, and to bask in the sunlight on the tramp. gosh it felt good. pretty darn warm. i can't wait for the temperature to go up and up and UP!

the rest of the day was doing laundry, folding laundry, thinking about breaking out the playdough, and then hanging out with james when he got home.

dinner was the meal we've fondly named, the quinoa dinner, and then it was just mellow and quiet around the house the rest of the evening. james and i talked about plans for the yard this summer, job stresses, and other married couple things to talk about. we have big expectations for this summer. we can't wait.


we will definitely enjoy spring and try to think up some great expectations for it too.

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