Monday, February 11, 2013

since we've been gone...

a lot got accomplished in our home, many trips to the library have been taken, target runs became a daily habit, and we enjoyed a nice snowy weekend that included a movie day, lee's mongolian, and the grammy awards. i love jt. but you knew that right?

as hard as it was not to have the internet for a whole week... i honestly have to say it felt good to know that i was being a little more productive with my days. i couldn't run to the computer and check my e-mail or read my favorite blogs. my focus was on staying busy so that the days would be filled without boredom sneaking in there and that brooklyn always had plenty to do. if i went for another week without internet it would have to be a ways down the road. i couldn't do it again this week. it's hard! 

(can't wait to stamp all over something with these little cuties)

(early valentine's present)

(lee's haven't tried it yet? go!)

(grammy watching food - minus the grilled cheese sandwiches) 

this week we're looking forward to valentine's day {the lover's holiday}. our plans aren't set in stone yet. we're still conjuring up a plan. i love valentine's day. definitely one of my favorite holidays. remember valentine's day last year at our house?

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