Monday, February 4, 2013

doin. and the super bowl.

life without the internet is... interesting. i'm learning a lot about myself. my goodness am i totally dependent on it. my whole life revolves around it. i couldn't even make dinner thursday night because i couldn't get the recipe i needed. unreal huh?

i've been getting a lot done at home. things are getting organized, decorated, and put where they're supposed to. it feels good. i really like being productive. really. brooklyn is also getting a lot more of my attention. sad how the internet is so wonderful and so terrible all in the same breath. brooklyn's loving more play time and following me around while i get things done.

chels and i made a trip to ikea to get some things we've been hankering for. i got some cute curtains, frames, and other amazing little things. gosh that store can be evil. i've gotten a few crafts done that i've been putting off as well. hopefully the rest of the week can be just as productive.

we enjoyed the super bowl in coalville. lots of food (WAY too much), lots of football, and lots of family time. 

until next time... not sure when that will be.

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