Friday, February 1, 2013

a week off.

so the internet here at cream gables (more on that to come) will be down and out until next friday. not sure how many posts i can write without the internet... if any at all. right? so we might be taking a short break from each other until the internet graces us again with its' dear dear presence.

it might be a good thing, the internet running away for a bit. i'll have no distraction (besides little brookie) from getting my house more put together. heck. it might all just get done next week. that would be amazing. wouldn't it?!

i have so many projects on my to do list. i'm kinda buried in them. so maybe, just maybe, i'll get everything crossed off and then i can reward myself with a good book, or even time with my photoshop i got for christmas. hmm... that all sounds so lovely...

and like so much work.

until next week.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g !


h a p p y  s u p e r   b o w l i n g

here's some pics for ya....some very random pics.

we've been enjoying a lot of this lately..

james and i organized that pantry yesterday...

and brooklyn got stuff out of drawers, put things on her head, and dumped things on my new rug...


happy february!!!!!!!!

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