Thursday, January 31, 2013

big girl.

what can i say? other than this little of mine is growing up. way too fast and way too much. it's breaking my heart. it kinda happened over night. she was just all of the sudden bigger, smarter, and  just so grown up. i'm not sure i like it. don't get me wrong, she is a fun stage right now. she is quite the entertainer, but i don't want her to grow up as fast as it's been happening lately. it's like she turned 18 months and BAM... she's not a baby anymore. not at all.

she likes to pretend and play by herself. but she loves it even more if someone is watching her in her little pretend world. she is constantly putting things on her head and sometimes include hats. she is starting to talk a lot more and she tries really hard to say words that she's never attempted before.  she is a sassy one that's for sure too. she's been sassy from day one, but oh boy, this girl is saaaassy. take my word for it. she pushes my buttons and grinds my gears, but boy oh boy i love this girl. she is the sunshine in my day and the hop in my step.

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