Wednesday, January 9, 2013

pure chaos.

remember when this happened back a couple years ago?


we had a little deja vu of it last night (err early this morning). 

except this time, everyone was peacefully sleeping (except for me. sleeping without a husband, plus a wiggly toddler equaled not great sleep for me) and it was 4 AM. i had just rolled over onto my stomach when i heard a really loud fuzzy sound, almost like static on a tv. then, with a vengeance, water starting spraying out of the ceiling with the force of a hose on a fire truck. i scrambled to pick brooklyn up, throw off the covers, dodge the water, and get out of the room all in one swoop. i calmly told my parents that a pipe had burst and that water was going everywhere. 

the next thirty minutes were pure chaos.

the water was freezing cold and i got to work setting up plastic totes and buckets so as to catch as much of the water as possible. i also laid towels out to kind of fence it all in to just one area of the room. my parents were scrambling to turn off the water but were unsuccessful. my mom and whitney joined me in running back and forth from the flood to the bathroom shoveling buckets of water out of totes and into the bathtub. all the while, my dad was still trying to get the water turned off. it was outside and it was freezing cold. he called for reinforcements and not a second too soon, had the water turned off. we ladies were drenched and absolutely frozen. gosh that water was frigid. (haley also woke up during the chaos and entertained brooklyn until the water stopped.)

after the fiasco, some of us went back to bed (in a different room), while others had to be up for work shortly anyway, so going back to bed wasn't an option. 

i was one of those who got to go back to bed and i still feel like i've been hit by a train. definitely a surreal experience. luckily, we've all been able to laugh about it since. some took naps. some of us went to lunch in park city (whitney and i) and it turned out to be a pretty ok day. 

it was chili and cornbread for dinner and then we were all in a zombie like state for the rest of the night. but hey, great experience to share as a family. am i right?!

(brooklyn and olivia peacefully sleeping while their mommies went to park city)

and another...

from olivia's blessing on sunday.

p.s. happy 4 years to my bro and SIL

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