Thursday, January 10, 2013

our stay.

we are back at our DC (davis county in case you haven't caught onto that yet) house and ready to get moved in. the thought of it really does wear me right out. the thought of moving just gives me anxiety, even if it's not me who's doing the moving. i'm also excited to see all of our stuff that's been in storage for the last few months. i'm sure there are some treasures i've forgotten about.

our stay in coalville was a great one (minus the flood/water issue). brooklyn loved exploring every nook and cranny in the house. that includes every drawer, every cupboard, and anything and everything she wasn't supposed to be getting into.

we ate yummy food...

and we were lucky enough to get to spend oodles of time with sweet baby olivia. bia as brooklyn calls her. we think it's a combination of baby and olivia. it's cute nonetheless. 

it was a nice time. i loved the time spent with my parents, siblings, and niece, but i am ready to get my house put together. so if you hear me complain, then remind me of how much i love how it feels after everything is put away and done. i. can't. wait. 

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