Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thank heaven for plumbers!

what does THIS and 6 oclock am have to do with my morning...

was i being super homemaker and canning before the sun came up?...


i was bathing out of it...

see, last night...

we had a flood.

james & i were just chillin on the couch, thinking how lame our monday night was going

when all of the sudden there was a loud noise upstairs and then the sound of water gushing.

james thought it was someone flushing a toilet upstairs...

but oh no.

it was a waterfall at our front door.

water was pouring in through the ceiling and in through the carpet.

holy moly we didn't know what to do.

i'm running around yelling at james to fix it while i'm grabbing buckets and other things that could hold water.

james is pulling at a gazillion levers trying to shut the water off to the house.

i call our landlady to let her know of the flood going on in her basement and luckily the landlord was just walking in the door as james ran up into their house to look for whatever was causing the flood downstairs.

it was pure chaos for a good 10 minutes.

and then...

the process of getting it all sopped up.

we stepped on towels, rung out towels, switched out towels for the next 2 hours.

so much for a boring monday night.

needless to say, my husband got to shower me this morning. we decided cold showers just weren't worth it. so james got up super early and showered himself, then boiled more water for me and more than willing...he helped me get my hot shower in for the day.

a plumber is coming in today to fix the pipe that burst sometime later today.

thank heavens for plumbers!

(after all was said and done, james thought he needed this as a reward for all his hard work :) )
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