Monday, January 14, 2013

our move in day.

our move in day was a bitter cold one. loads and loads of snow covered everything in sight. but the move was happening regardless. we had such great help from so many willing people. from start to finish, those mighty men took less than two hours to pack up our storage unit and then unpack it all into the house. maybe it was the cold that got them moving fast, or maybe they're just really strong, but either way it was very impressive.

james put me in charge of directing traffic. i thought i have labeled our boxes pretty well but found myself flustered to have three, sometimes 4, boxes in my face at a time. i couldn't believe how fast it was all going. i can't thank everyone enough who came out to help us on such a cold day and do it so willingly and so quickly.

they were all rewarded with krispy kreme doughnuts for their excellent work, but i honestly could have paid them in gold and just kissed their faces right off. we are surrounded by good people and i feel so blessed. 

things are still in boxes but we're slowly unpacking our old life and gosh it's pretty fun. we're coming across things we didn't realize we missed. we're also giddy to have things back that we've missed every day they've been packed up and stored away (my cookbooks, latte bowls, etc).

so here's a little tid bit of our move in day on saturday. thank you chelsea for being in charge of pictures. 

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