Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a wig.

oh my goodness. our monday (which was apparently the most depressing day of the year according to experts...sad) was full of doing laundry. well kinda. on my second batch, the washer turned to almost facing my dryer. so that stopped that. i didn't dare do any more until my FIL got home to fix things. and the rest of the day was unpacking boxes and playing with things we found in those boxes. mostly brooklyn on the playing.

chelsea came over in the evening to provide me with some trader joes jewels (their mac and cheese...my goodness) and also some good entertainment. after all was said and done, i was pooped. totally exhausted. brooklyn took a whopping fifteen minute nap and was wired for the rest of the day. 

hopefully this tuesday brings more unpacked boxes, more treasures uncovered, and maybe a nice long nap for brooklyn. 

(crazy wig at great grandma's house)

p.s. less than a month til the lover's holiday. yay. i better get scheming up some super amazing ideas. not right now though. way. too . tired.
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