Wednesday, January 16, 2013

hey jude.

brooklyn has absolutely loved having her own space. mind you, it is a tornado of toys and other random things thrown in there during the move, but she is in heaven. she loves to hear her voice echo off the walls and she especially loves to hear the sounds of her nice hard toys bang against the wood floor. it's music to my ears. honestly. i love that she can stay busy in there while i am busy doing other things. 

those other things yesterday included: putting up my valentine's decor, making muffins (and putting them on my red cake plate! i seriously missed my cake plates. can't help it.), folding and putting away laundry, hanging a few things on some walls, organizing my t shirt drawer, and catching up on parenthood. it was a nice productive day and i feel like even though things are only slowly moving along and slowly coming out of boxes, at least we're moving along right? right.

(that's her 'hey jude' face...obsessed with that song right now)
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