Thursday, January 17, 2013

more boxes.

yesterday was a day full of errands and at the end of it all, i had a sick little girl. not super sick. just that kind of sick where you have new teeth coming in, your head's a little hot, and then add a little bit of sore throat and that's what she had. she felt a little better throughout the night, but had times where she just wasn't feeling well. not feeling like herself. that spunky little thing.

more boxes were unpacked (are you sick of hearing about that yet?) and the keys to our fire proof box where i thought my social security card were found. but alas, no social security card. after searching through old purses and wallets, i found it in my underwear drawer. the plan was to go get my license renewed this morning, but the other small detail of a birth certificate will be the darned thing that gets in my way of that. that's in coalville and so i'll have to wait for a few more days to get it. rats. i hate putting these kind of things off. i want it done. now. 

here's to a productive thursday. hopefully a menu for next week will be conjured up. i haven't thought up a menu for over four months now. my brain's a little rusty. wish my luck.

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