Friday, January 18, 2013


brooklyn has croup. first.time.ever. she's miserable. she has that horrible barking cough and has constipation to go with it. my heart absolutely broke over and over again. we were lucky to have my FIL around still (he's a pediatric nurse practitioner). gosh. he and my MIL both made special trips just to get things to make her more comfortable. i appreciate them both so much.

saturday morning they head out to start a new life in hawaii. jealou right? however, this move won't just be glamorous. they leave behind all their kids this time. all three kids, and their only grandchild. so sad to be so far away. but we're all set up for skype dates and have tentative plans for our trips out to see them. we'll make the best of it. 

so here's to making this sad/sick weekend the happiest we can. for starters, we'll be having a farewell dinner at texas roadhouse tonight. and hopefully, there will be other positives and happy moments.

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