Monday, January 21, 2013


this weekend has been dubbed as the goodbye weekend. it could also be dubbed as the 'eating out' weekend. we dined at red robin with my MIL's family friday night and at granny annie's with just the eight of us saturday morning. 

we stayed up late visiting on friday night and spent every last second we could together. everyone headed down to southern utah (minus brooklyn and me = the sick ones) to spend time together this weekend and until later this morning when james and his siblings will say goodbye to their parents. saying goodbye is not fun. watching my MIL and FIL say goodbye to brooklyn was heart breaking. to go from seeing her every day for the last several months, to only seeing her a couple times a year will be quite an adjustment. many tears were shed. the one positive is that we will get to see them in the beautiful tropical paradise of hawaii. 

good luck gary and lisa. we love you and can't wait to see pictures of the paradise you get to call home. 

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