Monday, December 3, 2012

the first december weekend.

the weekend started out with another trip up to coalville. this time, chelsea in tow. she's been dying to see baby olivia, so it was time. we kept brooklyn happy with our beautiful singing voices and treated her to some christmas carols. it was am.a.zing. 

while chels doted on the sweet little babe, i got to see one of my favorite friends and our kids go to play. things got a little rough but they both definitely walked away exhausted and happy for the play time. 

the rest of the weekend required hardly moving a muscle. well, only to chase after brooklyn that is. jaems and i hardly did a thing. we ran a few errands, watched a few christmas movies, and tried really really hard to start weening brooklyn from nursing. 

yes. we are still nursing. but i'm starting to feel (just a little bit) that it's time to say goodbye to this wonderful phase that i honestly have loved. i'm honestly not one hundred percent ready to give it up yet. i really do love it so much, and with a busy child like brooklyn is, it's really the only time i've had to hold her and enjoy her small size. oh how i'll miss it. i really can't think about it. i breaks my heart. 

here is brooklyn learning to fall asleep without the help of...well ya know. we saw a lot of tears in the past few days, but she really is handling it the best she can. 

oh that sweet sleeping baby.

pray for me.

 (worn right out after a night out getting cookies and ice cream. yes. both.)

sunday brought my first time spending the last two hours away from brooklyn. she got to tag along with her daddy, and i got to start my calling as a ctr 4 teacher. to my wonderful surprise, she did very well. i was so proud of her. my little class of four year olds... they're adorable. but i'll only have them for the next few weeks, as they will be moving up to ctr 5 as the new year comes. i scouted out my new-new class and let's just say, they're adorable and full of energy.

here is brooklyn trying to get more than the alloted one piece of chocolate a day from her christmas countdown.

the three of us enjoyed watching the first presidency christmas devotional all snuggled up together. ok, maybe for like the first four minutes. then brooklyn was gonzo and only wanted to play. we drank hot chocolate and really did enjoy the messages shared by our beloved prophets, seers, and revelators. it ended leaving me filled with the spirit of christmas bursting from my skin.

like i've said before...

having a little one around sure brings the real spirit and joy of christmas into my heart. 

i can hardly take it.

w e l c o m e  d e c e m b e r 

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