Friday, November 30, 2012

tricky trees.

you gotta love days that start out like this...

we made a morning run to costco, therefore, forgoing bath time until after. so, chocolate in hand, shirt off, and she's ready to get in the tub.

daddy got home super early from work and that meant story time and lots of outside time.

it also meant a quick run to target.

where we picked up this little gem.

(in the $1 section. i love that section.)

this thing kept me busy for forever. did i win? nope. still working on that. it's kicking my trash.

the evening brought a little visit to the roy municipal center to see their awesome light display. we're talking tons of trees covered in all sorts of colored lights. we went last year, but brooklyn was much too young to appreciate it. she really loved it this go round. it really is quite breath taking.

this tree was the kind you tune into a radio station and the flickering and changing lights change to the beat of the music. james and i are both suckers for a tree that rocks out. brooklyn wasn't as impressed. she did, however, love climbing under the tree. i imagine it was full of christmas light magic in there. i was much too big to fit, and brooklyn loved being the only one in the magical light cave :)

having a child really brings the fun back into christmas. don't get me wrong. i've always loved christmas and feel like i've held onto the magic and spirit of it, but there's just something about having a little one around to really bring me back into the fun of it all. she recognizes and loves santa and snowmen, and of course, her elf, dandy. she even gets excited to see and point to baby jesus whenever we come across a nativity set. she also loves trying to say baby jesus. {sigh} melts my heart. 

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g  

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