Thursday, November 29, 2012

an orange ball.

so last evening i spent two hours at the dentist office. only forty minutes of that was in the actual chair. yep, i waited a long time folks. i read the parenting magazine they had two times in a row. but luckily, scored a $5 gift card to farr's fresh. i love me some farr's fresh. so i guess it's ok. 

i'm not feeling much up to anything, especially writing and all that jazz. soooo, here are some pictures i took of my little while we played outside in the somewhat warm sunshine yesterday. 

/my fave/

(her cardi looks so dirty really is just graham cracker crumbs) 

p.s. that THING i really want for christmas/my birthday... it's sitting at my SIL's right now. right now! she's going to wrap it up all pretty like and then i'm going to tear into it on christmas day. {sigh}

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