Wednesday, November 28, 2012

brooklyn's week so far.

for family night, mommy and daddy showed me a movie about all these elves. i really didn't want to watch it, until the elves started singing. that, i liked. but the movie felt kinda long so i decided to go play until it was done. 

when the movie finished, my mommy and daddy took me up to look at the christmas tree upstairs. i love the christmas tree. i want to touch all the ornaments and pull them off the branches, but mommy says i can't. she makes me look at the tree with my hands behind my back. out of nowhere, my daddy lifted me up almost as tall as the tree and...there he was. my elf. my elf named dandy. i loved him right away and wanted to play with him. mommy and daddy say i can't touch him or he'll lose his magic. i didn't like that. so i screamed and cried. hard.

don't worry, i'm used to the idea now. i know that i can talk to dandy and wave to him whenever i want. i also call him dada. his name is just so close to my daddy's name. 


then yesterday, my mommy and i drove all the way to my auntie whit's house. i hated driving there, until i saw that my cousin baby olivia was there. i just love her. i want to kiss her and squeeze her all the time. 

my mommy helped auntie whit set up her christmas tree, but that's all. they didn't decorate it. i think they were too busy taking care of baby olivia and watching me pull things off shelves, try to go down the big scary stairs by myself, and also making sure i didn't put things in my mouth i wasn't supposed to.

but, i DID get to go outside and see the chickens, rooster, donkeys, and horse. i loved all of them. i wish i had chickens at my house. they're so fun. i like to make the 'bawk bawk' noises that they do. it's so fun.

my uncle chandler even caught one of the chickens for me to pet. i was kinda nervous, but my grandma was there to help me. i love my grandma. and thank goodness she was there because my mom wouldn't help me. she's so silly. 

i got to kiss baby olivia goodbye and say bye to my auntie whit and then i was off to see my grandpa and auntie hay. they were so excited to see me. grandma thought i was hungry so she fed me some peas, carrots with hummus, and some bananas. it was so yummy. i like to feed myself and all of those things were so easy to put in my mouth with my own two hands. my mom ate some too. she eats a lot.

before i went home, my auntie hay decided to play a trick on my mom. 

see me in the picture down there?

mommy laughed, but then said that i looked way too grown up and that it really wasn't funny. i don't get it. 

the worst part of my week so far was driving home. i really was so tired from all the fun i had that i was exhausted, but i hate sleeping in my car seat. my mom tried to cheer me up by singing for almost forty minutes. then i fell asleep. boy was i tired. 

when i woke up, my dad was in the car with us and we were at the church. my parents were meeting with the bishop for tithing settlement. i thought it was great because i got to eat a tootsie roll and some m&m's. i love visiting the bishop's office.

i did NOT like when some other guys stood in a circle around my mom and put their hands on her head. i thought they were hurting her so i screamed as loud as i could. my dad had to take me out into the hallway. i was glad. i didn't want to see them hurting my mom. when she came out of the room she was smiling and laughing. i guess they weren't hurting her after all. i just wanted her to hug me and hold me. i really am glad she's ok. 

i ended the night showing my grandma and grandpa ruesch where dandy was like a hundred times. they think he's as cool as i do. i also got to eat some pumpkin shake. i loved it. almost as much as my mommy and daddy did. 

so far, this week has been pretty good. i love seeing animals and especially love spending time with my family. everyone says i'm spoiled. i'm not sure what that is, but i think i like it. 

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