Tuesday, December 4, 2012

this week.

so far, i'm not sure i trust this week. today i had my annual lady doctor check-up, which is super fun, and wednesday, i go to the dentist again to have a cavity filled. both those appointments in the same week? not sure about this.

but i did get to go to trader joe's yesterday with my mom and sister. oh, and my sidekick. 

i bought a few things, but i definitely need to go back when it's not so darn busy. they were out of things i wanted to try, and also, i need more elbow room. so i'll be going back for a better look.

brooklyn loved the samples.

and it was just all around a fun time, hangin with my sister and my mom.

as i walked into the doctor's office today, with my healthy baby on my hip, i couldn't help but be filled with the most complete joy. how many times had i walked into that office just absolutely filled with sadness and emptiness? too many. i wanted a baby so bad. so here i was, with my baby. it almost just felt unreal. then i opened the door. my feelings changed in an instant. there sat a couple other women. were they having the same problems i had in the past? were they sad. did they feel empty? was i rubbing it in here with my baby on my hip? i remembered seeing women walk in with babies. i wanted to yell at them and tell them it wasn't fair they had one and i didn't. i hope i never forget what that feels like. it makes me all the more grateful for this baby that i have. even when she's driving me crazy and i think i can't handle it... i am so grateful for her. luckily, the other women in the waiting room all smiled at me and asked questions about brooklyn. it gave me a little relief. 

i thought about this all again on my drive home as i sang, "up on the rooftop", about a million times. i am just grateful. that's all there is to it. so grateful. 

then i looked over to the car next to me, and lo and behold, guess who it was? the silver fox (president uchtdorf) and his wife, in the flesh. you'd have thought i saw a movie star. i was just so excited by this! i'm related to an apostle, and it's normal when i see him, but when i see other general authorities, i just get giddy. i love that man. he is one of my all time favorite speakers.

i admit, i tried to get a picture. but i stopped trying when traffic got a little heavy and i needed to have both hands on the wheel (which really, is always). so i settled on the one below. it really was awesome guys. 

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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