Tuesday, November 13, 2012

that one thing...

*warning: this post is about lipstick and other blabbering.

if you read this blog then you know i love lipstick. i love make up in general but i love me a good tube of lipstick. it honestly gives me pure joy to just hold it, to look at it, but not so much to put it on. it's really hard. for me it really is. trying to get the lines all straight or to curve the right way...ugh. but i still love to wear it nonetheless. sometimes i wear it when i probably shouldn't. but that's ok. my hair's not done, but i've got my lipstick on.

i also love christmas. a lot. i love that it's right around the corner. i'm really really trying not to overshadow thanksgiving, but goodness it's hard. luckily, i'll be attending three thanksgivings this year. that should give me my yearly dose. and i honestly and truly love that holiday, i really do. i just get super excited for christmas. i may or may not have ordered an adorable mistletoe from west elm (THANK YOU CHELSEA). and i may or may not be listening to christmas music already. ICANTHELPMYSELF.

i'm really wanting to finish the current season of downton abbey, but i'm really struggling with finishing it because i know that it'll be a long time before the next season comes out. i'm so lame i know. they do have a christmas special to round out the season so i know i have to finish before then so that i'm all caught up, because who doesn't love a christmas special?! i might have to have a countdown for that. seriously. i have goosebumps and butterflies. oh man. so exciting!

lastly, i have decided that in my old age, it's about high time i saved my money for something really nice. i'm usually the kind of girl to like to just get a lot of little things, or cheaper things. i have never had a christmas or a birthday where i just wanted 1 thing. i always wanted five or six things. but this year, it's all about to change. i have fallen in love with something that i really really want and am totally willing to pull all my christmas/birthday money together to get it (i sound like i'm 8). i've never had the self control to do something like that. but like i said, i'm getting older and nice things definitely appeal to me more than they did when i was a teenager (or younger or in my early 20's). i just feel all grown up and really really know what i want. thank heavens for christmas and my birthday just five days apart. phew.

so now that i've shown my true heart's desire and my total vain side... i'll leave you with some pictures of my little brooklyn.

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