Monday, November 12, 2012

snow days.

one word could definitely sum up our weekend: snow. while lots of other things went down, snow was definitely the center of it all. the first word out of brooklyn's mouth on friday morning was, "no"... translation, snow. she was elated! she wanted her pink snow boots and coat on immediately. done deal. i bundled her up, set her on the deck, and made myself a cup of hot chocolate. like i've said before, she loves the snow. making her come inside the house is probably her least favorite thing, that and getting her diaper changed.

james came home in the early afternoon and played in the snow with her. again, she loved it. coming in, not so much. she even pointed to my in-law's van and we decided she was ready to go on a drive. we took advantage and went to the storage unit to get our winter gear. sadly, only james' stuff was accessible. i am without a hooded coat and snow boots. i'm sure i will survive for a few more months. 

that night brought even more time outside playing in the snow. brooklyn was frozen and still did not want to come in. good thing her daddy was a good sport and let her stay out almost as long as she wanted to. 

we woke up saturday morning to the most picture perfect snowfall in all the land. oh it was beautiful. seriously. i'm already praying for a storm just like it for christmas. not kidding. the second best part was that it didn't stick to any of the roads. that's my kind of snow storm. of course, first thing brooklyn wanted to do that morning was play in all of its' white powdery goodness.

(can you see billy the garden boy?)

jeremy and chels came over to visit. brooklyn tried on aunt chelsea's boots and we died laughing. all the laughing got us happy and chelsea and i deemed it a shopping day. a glorious shopping day. the boys were content to watch football, my MIL and FIL furiously got their couches ready to sell (too heavy to send to hawaii), and brooklyn had to be content just hanging out. chelsea and i had veteran's day coupons and sales to devour. it was a good day.

not to mention, brooklyn looked cozy and adorable. i deemed her as comfort food and kissed her to pieces that day. 

the annual chili cook off at jeremy and chelsea's ward was our plan for saturday evening. we ate the chili, watched great youtube videos, and took turns chasing brooklyn through the halls of the church. there was more shopping afterward. like i said, good day. 

sunday brought another sunny day... until we hit the roads on the way to utah county for a cousin's homecoming. worst roads i've been on in a long time. i had a death grip on everything and anything i could get my hands on. luckily, we had deven with us to keep brooklyn entertained in the back seat so that her crying was not an added stress to the already treacherous driving conditions. 

we did make it safely and were able to enjoy jared's talk. afterward, we got to enjoy a delicious spread of dinner and desserts. thanks again aunt suzanne and uncle chuck! 

our weekend ended with some cozy relaxation by the fire, some christmas movies, and egg nog + sprite. delish. really it is. oh and some yummy broccoli and cheese soup courtesy of my MIL. 

i am thankful for weekends and the sweet memories they provide. also, the snow. i know it snows on week days as well, but snow days are way more fun when james is around to enjoy it with us. we are so much enjoying this time of year. fun stuff ahead! we love the holidays. but for now, it's fun just dreaming about them. 

*also, please watch this.

*also also... chelsea borrowed me one of her hooded coats. bless her. 

* ok, this really is the last thing. i have a dentist appointment wednesday. i haven't been to the dentist in ___ years. i'll let you use your imagination there.

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