Wednesday, November 14, 2012

animal crackers

a few days ago, brooklyn and i went to meet my mom and sister at the halfway point between our homes so that i could give my mom something i'd picked up for her and totally forgotten to give her on sunday. gotta love when that happens. as frustrating as it was in the beginning, it was so nice to have an excuse to see those two on a monday afternoon. 

brooklyn was especially excited. she fell asleep five minutes away from our destination and i had to wake her up by asking her lots of random questions. her little eyelids were as heavy as cement and she could not keep them open. however, as soon as she saw her grandma and aunt, she was tickled pink. she was so excited to see them. 

we visited for a little while in a gas station and brooklyn took it upon herself to wave and say hi to everyone that step foot in the place. she would give a very big dramatic wave and an even more dramatic hi. she was quite proud of herself when they would return the gesture. 

before we left, grandma bought brooklyn a treat. a box of animal crackers, a.k.a. grandma pauline crackers. my great grandma would always buy these for my siblings and i when we were just little. we loved the novelty of the box. the crackers, not so much. but oh we'd be so excited to receive that cute little box held up by a string. it was the best thing in the world. such a fun little pleasure in our young lives. 

so as brooklyn has carried this around for the past two days, it has been a constant reminder of that great grandma and all the simple pleasures i enjoyed as a child. life was blissful and free of stress, and full of grandmas who gave me the sweetest memories. amazing how a small little box can do that.

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