Friday, October 26, 2012


snow. snow. snow. 
in brooklyn's words, "no, no, no."

she said it all day long. she wanted to be out in it all day. she was out there first thing. in her jammies. then again after her nap. then again a few more times. her favorite time was probably with her daddy. he lasted outside a lot longer than i could've. they built a snow man and then brooklyn destroyed it. she was in heaven.

i enjoyed looking at her from the kitchen table during breakfast and then inside the sliding glass door for the other times. it was freeezing. she didn't mind it at all. i don't think she noticed the cold one bit. i'd bring her in and she'd cry. just cry. she was devastated to have to come in. i did my best to distract her, but it was always on her mind. "no," she'd say. over and over. she wanted to just be in all of it. she wanted to touch all of it. it just made her overly and completely happy today. being inside made her just as sad/mad too. it was definitely a happy/sad day. 

i love watching her explore new things. even though she has experienced winter before, she doesn't remember it. this first snow was as exciting as it gets for a toddler. nothing has been as cool as this cold white stuff. pure joy on her face as she stomped around it, poked it, jabbed it, held it, threw it, slathered it, and just looking at it made her squeal with delight. it's going to be a long winter for this mama if we are in and out as much as we were today. but for now, this day was happy, cold, and just darn right fun.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d !

* for me... it brings, a craft night/girls' night, saturday chores, a football game, hopefully dinner OUT, church, and, fingers crossed, a nap.

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