Thursday, October 25, 2012

october favorites.

gosh i've loved this month so far. haven't you? the weather has been beautiful. the leaves, well the leaves have given an outstanding performance. and it's just been down right cozy if ya ask me. i've really really loved it so far. 

part of that love comes with the things i've surrounded myself with. and yes, that includes people. but this list of favorites is definitely more of a things list. and let's be honest, who doesn't love things?! well i sure do. 

so here's my little list of october favorites.

1:// candy corn candle/

2:// bonbelle cappucino lip gloss/

3:// boyfriend cardigan/

4:// moccasins/ 

5:// apple crisp/

6:// the sock bun/

7:// the host/

8:// M bag/


so there you have it. MY OCTOBER FAVORITES. and i would absolutely 100% recommend every single one!

h a p p y  o c t o b e r  

p.s. the blog is under going a if things get crazy...that's why!

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