Monday, October 29, 2012

sick day.

we had a sick day. my baby and me. only... i wasn't sick. but she was. darn it. she fought a fever most of the day. luckily, after she ate oatmeal and toast. the rest of the day, she didn't want to eat anything. poor thing. we spent most of the day in bed, watching baby einstein movies. she cuddled up against me, rested her warm body by mine, and just relaxed. 

there were a few times she felt fine and wanted to be outside where grandma was doing yard work. the sun was out and it was such a nice day. i'm so glad she was able to feel well enough to enjoy it for a little bit. 

the evening was pretty miserable. our pumpkin carving had to be moved to tonight. hopefully it'll happen. she wouldn't even touch the homemade alfredo her daddy made. she loves alfredo. broke my heart right in two. 

hoping and praying today will be better. it has to be.

(she already thinks i'm crazy)

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