Wednesday, October 17, 2012

little red.

brooklyn provides hours upon hours of entertainment for our families. being that she is the only grandchild on both sides so far, she is constantly on stage. she loves all eyes on her and is usually willing to put on a pretty good show.

friday night was no different, except that grandma diane got in on the costuming for the entertainment. she used one of my great grandmother's scarves and put it on brooklyn as many different ways as she could. she and brooklyn were in another room and as soon as she'd have a 'new do' she'd waltz into the den where the rest of us were and we'd all get a kick out pf the change, including the personality change that came with it. such a simple thing, yet, it gave us so much pleasure and happiness. things like this should not be taken for granted.

so, without further ado, here is brooklyn in all her different red scarf looks:

(pausing to read a story with auntie hay) 

we even came up with a look for the shower. 

it didn't last. she wasn't sure about the scarf being in spots that she could easily grab. so, we went with this look and stuck with it.

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