Tuesday, October 16, 2012

foggy fall.

friday was a gloomy gray day. and i. loved. it. we woke up to clouds trying to rain SO hard, but they weren't providing any rain. it was just cool enough that brooklyn needed a jacket outside. she was playing in the leaves and exploring the yard, when it started to sprinkle. 

she loved it.

she thought it was the best. i tried to take her inside because her feet were bare, but she wouldn't have it. so i gave her a full five minutes to play in the leaves and let the rain sprinkle on her cheeks and nose. then we went inside and warmed up by the fire (electric of course). 

oh these times with her are so precious. i want to bottle them up and save them for her teenage years. when she thinks i'm so uncool and would rather hang out with her friends, i would sneak up to my room and open a bottle of one of these memories. then i would i just bask it in for the rest of the day and be utterly and completely happy. {sigh} 

but it's ok. she'll never be a teenager right? just always my sweet little baby.

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