Tuesday, September 4, 2012

we labored.

our labor day was spent laboring. not really. but the day WAS spent organizing, cleaning, and doing laundry. i honestly thoroughly enjoyed myself. i like living in an organized space, so doing the organizing was almost fun. almost. we started the day with a little jog/walk on a nearby trail. little because brooklyn wasn't feeling the jogging stroller. stinker. breakfast was muffins and milk, and then we got busy.

brooklyn took an almost three hour nap in the afternoon. i think she did it on purpose. she knew her mom and dad had lots to get done. what a sweet baby. i honestly think that the last week has absolutely worn her out. she made up for all the late nights and missed naps.

the evening brought family dinner at a family favorite. especially the dessert. we enjoyed visiting and eating. a nice wind down before the busy work week starts. we ate early enough that our little family of three had time to enjoy a little shopping and then some football game watchin'. so darn enjoyable.

(i bought these jammies for her last night and she would NOT face the camera)

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