Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my favorite favorite.

fall is in the air {sigh}. but as much as i'll miss summer, i am so ready for fall. my favorite season of the year. there's an excitement that i can't even describe. deep down in my soul. it makes me want to jump for joy and run around the block. but not before i put my sweater and boots on. oh my heck. the boots. there's something invigorating about putting on those fall boots. 

football season is here. i've looked forward to the beginning of football season every since i was five years old. i lived for those friday night games. the smell of the grass, the sounds of the crashing helmets, and sweating in my new school clothes because they were long sleeved and much too hot for september. but i loved every second. except when we lost. ugh. 

fall brings color, new beginnings, and cool evenings. i love it all. it makes me feel like a kid again. i want to just enjoy every second of it. i want to pick pumpkins, sip hot cocoa, wear every sweater i own, go leaf watching, and just enjoy the heck out of this fall. it makes me happy and giddy with anticipation. you too?

(enjoy some pics and video from sunday. this is what happens when daddy takes her out during sacrament meeting.)

p.s. brooklyn gets shots today... you know how i feel.

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