Thursday, September 6, 2012

back in the groove.

we are getting back into a routine over here and it feels great. i'm all about a routine. AND, i like changing things up a bit too. but mostly, i like routine. i'd say it's safe to say that we are all settled here in our new home. it's cozy. it's cute. we're happy. hopefully my in-laws would say the same.

today, our routine included a doctor appointment and swimming lessons. both went well. thank heavens. brooklyn was so brave this go round and it made it so much easier on this mama. she showed off to everyone and anyone working at the dr office. seriously such a show off. she stole everyone's hearts though. i think that's pretty safe to say. her stats:

weight: 19 lbs 15 oz. (20th percentile)
height: 30.6 inch (80th percentile)

tall and skinny. we'll be drinking whole milk tomorrow.

swimming lessons were a crack up. she was freezing, shaking with excitement, and jabbering the entire time. ok not the entire time. we did an exercise where the babies walked around in the six inch deep water, we'd trip them (sad i know!), and then help them turn onto their backs. scared her to death, but it didn't affect her at all. thank heavens. she loved the extra play time at the end as well. total bonus. the swimming lessons have been a great idea thus far and i would recommend it to anyone with a baby or small child. it really is such a good skill, and important i might add, for them to have. i also love that james and i both get to be in the water with her. it's been good for both of us to learn the techniques.

on the docket for today... i think i'll make pie.

a peach pie.

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