Monday, September 3, 2012

packed up and moved.

we did it. we moved this weekend. what a lot of work. i had forgotten how much work. a huge thanks to our family who helped us A TON. we'd still be sitting in our old apartment, probably crying, if it weren't for all of your help. even though it was a lot of work, we still had a great time together. eating pizza. a target run for chels and i. braving a huge rain and hail storm with a full load. the list goes on. it definitely is a good day to have in the past however. it was a long one.

sunday was spent in coalville celebrating BIL chuck's birthday and then just lounging and eating. i even took a nap. a most glorious nap. we enjoyed a nice evening on the deck. it ended with some naked swimming (only by brooklyn). this weekend was successful and mostly tiring. today we'll be organizing our stuff into our new life and space. wish us luck.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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