Wednesday, August 22, 2012

we used a truck.

in case you've missed it, my sister is expecting a baby come the beginning of november. i seriously can't wait. brooklyn can't either. she wants a baby (girl) cousin right now! on monday, all of my sisters, my mom, brooklyn, and i went to pine needles at gardner village to help pick out material for the crib bedding that whitney will make for her babe.

it being a girls only occasion, we had to have treats. 

we had so much fun together. that shop is jam packed with THE cutest material. way too many to choose from. my mom and i took turns taking brooklyn outside to see the ducks because she too loved the fabric so much that she wanted to pull all of it off the shelves. she has good taste. :)

the cute fabric that made the cut, and whit's cute bump.

brooklyn took a nap after everyone left. i got to straightening up and wrapping my brain around loading up a truck with some of our stuff and taking it to a storage unit that night. james swung by his parents' on his way home from work and swapped vehicles. as soon as he got home with the truck we got to loading it up with some of our possessions. christmas decorations, coolers, a doll house, and the like, all went into the truck. brooklyn wasn't the biggest help. next time, she'll have a designated babysitter.

jeremy and chelsea ever so kindly drove and met us at the storage unit to help us unload. it was about 9 in the evening. the boys did the lifting, chelsea chased brooklyn around, and i talked chelsea's head off. it worked out very nicely. oh and brooklyn danced in the front seat of her uncle's car while we applauded and tried to keep her from falling out.

when it was all packed up and it was even later, we all headed to my in laws to do what we do best, chat it up until late late late. james and jeremy, however, also packed up their sister's things into the truck. she moved down to byu yesterday. those nice brothers. it was nice. just chatting. it's the best. chelsea and i had some things to catch each other up on and the boys discussed byu football. there are definitely some plans in the works for the first game of the season.

we said our goodbyes and then got ready for bed. james got up and went to work and brooklyn and i enjoyed a nice slow breakfast. i bathed brooklyn, and then got myself ready for the day. we played and then she took a nap. james came from work to have lunch with me and we ate in whispers so as not to wake the babe. i needed her to be happy for me on the drive home since i'd be driving the truck and really focusing on that. she ended up doing very well. as long as i was singing 'popcorn popping' or the wyoming cowboy fight song, she was a happy camper. driving the truck was fun. a little nerve wracking at times, but fun.

for the rest of the day i did laundry. lots and lots of laundry. evening came, james got home, my in laws stopped by on their way home from provo, and we all went out for custard. it totally hit the spot. such a nice way to end a day full of laundry. we also loaded up the truck with a small load of things to be put in storage. i'd say it was a productive day.

 i can't promise that today will be the same.

t minus 10 days until we move. hoooooly moly.
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