Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ok, here it is.

the reason for the lack of blogging last week... my brother's wedding. i was having too much fun hanging out with my family and running errands all over the place and then actually enjoying the wedding festivities that blogging just didn't happen. although it made me sad to feel so disconnected from this blog that feels like another appendage, it was a great couple of days. lots of memories were made and lots of sleep was missed. 

so, where do i begin...

for starters, brooklyn spent a lot of time in her car seat over those several days. not her favorite thing. so we had to get pretty creative with our entertainment ideas. 

amidst all of the errand running, a few of us took a breather and got our nails shellac'ed. love it. and i totally recommend it. worth every penny. brooklyn enjoyed just kickin it at the salon. 

wednesday night was a light night due to decorating for the wedding breakfast. we were all so tired by the time we even started decorating for that, that we were all a little loony. seriously.

the wedding breakfast turned out just fine and dandy. we enjoyed brisket, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, and some heavenly desserts. it gave us the nourishment we needed to make it through the hot hot summer day. all the sweating was worth it though. these two were super happy. 

after the wedding and all the family pictures, our little family headed for home. we stripped down to barely nothing on the way home, put brooklyn down for a much needed nap, and then got our reception threads ready. we made the trek up to coalville/henefer and enjoyed an awesome reception FULL of family and friends, oh and delicious fruit kabobs and cupcakes. 

we stayed at my parents' that night. i'd say we were pooped/exhausted/wiped out from the couple days before. james got up early and went to work and brooklyn and i slept in. then we joined my parents on a little jaunt to evanston to meet up with grandma jackie and miles. she left a few things in coalville the night before, must haves i might add, so we definitely jumped on the great excuse to go spend time with her for a little bit. we lunched at don pedro's. 

and we grabbed some ice cream sandwiches before we headed home, brooklyn's favorite food.

that night, james and i took a load of stuff up to our storage unit and stayed at my in-laws. the next day brooklyn had a ball playing in the pool, kiddie wash, and jumping on the tramp. james had fun playing football and helping his dad remove some bushes from his brother's yard. it was definitely a nice relaxing day for me.

that evening we headed yet again, to coalville. we stayed up way too late visiting but got to sleep in on sunday because we were heading to my cousin's homecoming down in utah county. another awesome excuse to get to see family again. this summer really has been great for that. we love getting together. kileigh's talk was so touching and i loved hearing her speak russian. what a lucky girl to have that as a talent! the dinner afterwards was full of delicious food and good conversation. the cloud cover was nice and i really could have stayed all day and just visited. 

our weekend ended with the hunger games (yes, i FINALLY saw it. loved it!), root beer, and popcorn. blessed i tell you. i love a good weekend like this last one. nothing better. i might add a tad bit more sleep into the schedule, but i wouldn't change anything else. it was a real treat to have this weekend at the end of our summer. we move in 11 days so life is about to get super duper hectic. i'm grateful for the weekend we had to kind of get some fun/family/relaxing time squeezed into what is the end of our summer. 

whew, that was a lot. and so much went undocumented. hopefully my memory will do a good job at remembering the details of things gone un pictured and un said. and hopefully for you, this was a little entertaining. 

anyone else getting EXCITED for football season???  our house is bursting at the seams. 

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