Monday, August 20, 2012

sometimes i just forget.

hello blogging world. i've missed you. i realize it's only been since wednesday, but boy do i feel out of sorts. this blog keeps my brain going and wrapped around everything that's been going on. but as you know, we had a wedding thursday and the rest of the weekend was dedicated to recovering from that. lots of sun and hardly any sleep. gosh it's been good though. anything that brings a lot of family together for a whole day is lovely in my book.

not to mention, we also had a cousin's homecoming yesterday and that was also a big family event. we love a good excuse to get together. but of course, i left my computer behind, and all of our adventures are on our camera that i also forgot the cord for. i hate when i forget things like that. it makes me so sad. so, here are a few phone pictures of my little at her uncle's reception. MORE PICTURES soon!

p.s. i'll be in the process of packing up my house this week as well. pray for me. 

p.s.s. how the heck is it already the 20th of august???

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