Wednesday, August 15, 2012

we run a lot of errands around here.

for family night this week, we took off on a little family adventure. i guess you could call it an adventure. any time you take a baby/toddler out and about to accomplish more than one goal, it becomes an adventure. we love these little adventures. brooklyn does as long as her parents are good at keeping things entertaining.

james best idea of the night was taking her into a pet supply store to check out the animals and creepy crawly things. gold medal for daddy! she loved it. she especially loved seeing the tanks full of fish. i think she can relate. they are as busy as she is. we could have and maybe should have stayed there all night. she was totally and completely blissfully happy to be in the land of fish tanks and stinky gerbil cages.

but, we had other things to accomplish. she did luck out with this awesome $2 microphone. she's a performer. she had to have it. it has already saved us in the car several times. she not only likes the sound of her voice in it, but she loves to run her tongue over all the tiny holes on the top of it. it's a two for one deal. and a very wise $2 we spent.

we ran errands, basically for the rest of the night. for reals. we hit up kohls, ulta, old navy, michaels, and of course, we had to have dinner in there somewhere. chick-fil-a was calling our names. gosh those chicken sandwiches. man. they gave us the nourishment to get those errands done, and done quickly. thank heavens.

last night, i dropped brooklyn off at grandma lisa's and james and i met up in bountiful to go to the temple with our newest sister-in-law (as of tomorrow!). it couldn't have come at a better time. james and i have been dying to go the temple and we just haven't made the necessary arrangements to do it. so last night was the perfect excuse. i love being in the temple. enough said! here's some pictures of the cute soon to be husband and wife.

james had the privilege of having his daughter as his passenger on the way home. i got to have a nice quiet drive home all to myself. it was nice until about ten minutes away when i decided i needed to go to the bathroom pronto. after that, it wasn't all so relaxing. but heaven knows i'll take even a five minute drive by my lonesome. any day. any day.

when we arrived home (not a second too soon), i forgot about a fun, maybe the most exciting part of our family night, item james purchased for me that i hadn't yet photographed. yep. this bad boy.

i've wanted a jogging stroller since before brooklyn graced us with her presence. i just didn't know how to go about doing it. i wanted a regular stroller, one that i could take a car seat in and out of, but i wanted a stroller that i could jog with. regular strollers + jogging = do not equal success. so that sweet hubby of mine found a great deal and we snatched it right up. it's pretty sweet. brooklyn really likes when i jog in it. when i walk, she whines. i guess that will be a great motivator. either way, i am super happy about it and can't wait to take it on a 'real' jog.

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