Thursday, August 23, 2012

we're teething...

when brooklyn woke up today, she was very warmish. those darn molars are coming in and she definitely started the day off with a slight fever. this was not in the plans. i had a lot i wanted to get done. but, for most of the day, she wanted to be held and read to. i really did love it. i love when she slows down enough for me to just snuggle her and have her all to myself. however, it was a little hard to enjoy it as much as i usually do because i had so much planned for the day. we're getting very close to move out day and i really want to have as much done as possible before it comes.

she did take her regular two naps for the day and i was able to accomplish a lot during that precious time. she also stayed busy playing with the lights for a good 15 minutes. i got a whole box packed. thank the heavens above that chelsea was coming over after work to entertain her while i boxed up a few things. chelsea had her giggling and very content while i did the things i needed to do. what would i do without her? for real.

after i had done what i needed to, it was time for a break. we headed to fashion place mall. where else? i had my empty MAC containers ready to turn in for a free lipstick and chels had things to get as well. then, we took advantage of a free promotion at ulta. i got my hair washed and then curl brushed/dried. chels got some beach waves/curls done. it was free and it was relaxing. oh so relaxing. much needed.
i came home to a very sad baby. her fever was back and little higher than it had been earlier. it really makes me sad when she's not feeling like her self. i feel so helpless. i honestly end up feeling almost as bad as she does when it's all said and done. james took her on a walk to end the evening and it calmed her down a little bit. i really really hope this doesn't go on for two or even three days. i'm feeling stressed as it is trying to pack up and clean, let a lone try to do it with a sick fussy baby. poor little thing. i just have to remember, everything will get done, and it will all get done when it needs to be done. i know that. i have just kind of turned into a stress case during this whole moving process. i have tried to stay organized, but sometimes i feel more out of control than anything. a definite date night will be required this weekend. a serious one.

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