Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the healthy side.

i've fallen into the trap of what i like to call the 'nursing = weight loss' trap. anyone else been there? you have? good. ever since brooklyn was born i have honestly been able to eat what i want, lose weight, and then keep it off. after the first six weeks i was down to my pre pregnancy weight, plus a little. it was awesome. i was motivated to keep it up. i drank a ton of water and i really used portion control. but... i ate what i wanted.

fast forward. it's a year later and i'm still nursing. i don't nurse quite as often but very close. however, it's been much easier for me, even more than normal, to eat what i want. i have gained some poundage. not a lot, but i have. i've become a little more lazy with my portion control and i have seriously eaten everything i wanted this summer. not good you guys. 

it's amazing how i can eat healthy and work out and feel that amazing good healthy feeling, and then turn around and do the complete opposite and feel so crappy. why why why? it really does become about laziness for me. it's the easier option. but by dang, it is not the better one. 

i've been trying really hard as of recent to do better in both categories (eating and working out). now if you read my blog often, you're probably saying, "ya right. you have been eating out and eating junk you crazy woman!" while this is true, i really have tried to up my water intake and also my activity level. but let's be honest, if i'm putting crap in my body, it's not going to help to work out not one little bit. 

so, last night, i went a nice run. in the hot hot heat. my face felt like it was going to burn right off. the shady parts were heaven sent and i felt like i could run harder. it never lasted long. the sun got the better of me. my motivation to run my route was that james and brooklyn were at the end of it waiting for me. i didn't want to be gone too long, so i pushed myself and really ended up getting a great work out. brooklyn wasn't sure she was done playing yet. so i was able to do a cool down and then we headed home. 

james sent me these picture messages while i was running (i saw them when i got home):

"love you"

"still love you, i'm just distracted"

"free to roam"

there is something i like to do on occasion. and actually, it is a very rare occasion, and if anyone caught me doing it, i might be a tad embarrassed. it's kind of a circuit work out. i usually have music on. this gets me pumped up. then, wherever brooklyn is becomes the free style dance/ jumping jack station. i run up and down my hall a few times. i always have a push up station. because seriously, what is better for you than push ups? sometimes i'll have a free weight station where i do a couple sets of different arm exercises. and i usually end up doing some sort of kickboxing station last. then i start all over. it makes it hard to have a baby around because she wants to jump on me or have me hold her because she wants to join in the fun. i would do it during her nap but that's when i get other things done. plus, i think it's a benefit for brooklyn to see her mommy being active and getting some exercise. so go ahead. picture it. it really is a great work out. if you're not too embarrassed you should totally try it. 

so if you see me on the street, hold me accountable. ask me what i ate for breakfast. ask me when the last time i worked out was. ask me if i'm living healthy. ok maybe don't do that, but feel free to ask how i'm doing. i really like being held accountable. this doesn't mean i'm going to pass up dessert folks. i'm just going to do better with my portion control so that i CAN eat the things that i want to (in moderation of course). 

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