Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a girl and her box.

our day started out with olympics, both watching and a little participating. brooklyn calls this sport, diaper box surfing. it absolutely makes me a nervous wreck. this girl is fearless. she bounces, dances, squats down, and even holds things while she's on top of that box. she has fallen a few times, but never hesitates to jump right back up there. i guess that deserves a gold for perseverance and determination.

the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. i spent it pulling everything out of my lazy susan and getting rid of things that expired or things that were basically empty. i'm really not wanting to move anything with us that we don't absolutely have to. as fun as that wasn't, it is so nice to have that checked off my to do list.

when james got home we checked something off our summer bucket list and had brats (bratwursts) for dinner. so good. and so very good hot off the grill. then we headed to the library to claim our summer library reading program prizes. brooklyn even got to choose her book. okay okay. she kind of chose her book. i narrowed it down to my favorite two and then i let her choose. there was a much better selection for the adult books than i had expected. i had a really hard time choosing. i almost almost got a danielle steele wonder, but instead, i went with the one below. brooklyn was so excited about her book and had both her dad and me read it to her several times before she went to bed. i love it.

was she happy to go to bed?


but she'll be excited to know that we have another day of olympic watching and 'participating' when she wakes up in the morning. maybe she'll try something else like speed drawer emptying. the possibilities are endless. especially when you're 1 year old. 

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