Tuesday, August 7, 2012

summer family home evening

the evening started with a little visiting teaching. my last time going in this ward. sad. i love my partner. she has become such a good friend and a great example of how a visiting teacher should be. i will miss her so dang much. we had a good visit like we always do, and she ended our time by giving me a gift. a book that i wanted the second i saw it, matching bracelet to go with it. and also the sweetest note. teresa we'll be friends forever!

when i got home, it was time for a little family home evening. it didn't quite go how i had planned, but it ended up being just as good as i had imagined it. we strolled around gardner village, got some goodies, and then went on a nice walk down on the parkway. brooklyn could have walked the whole trail by herself if she wasn't so interested in all the rocks and leaves off the trail. she loved being outside and having lots of room to wander. she cried when we picked her up at the end and made her get in the car. darn it. these summer nights are winding down and we're trying to cherish every last one.

(the wash clothes were gifted to me by a woman i visit teach...i got spoiled) 

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