Wednesday, August 1, 2012

so here it is ...

the big announcement...

that's right. we're moving. after living here for almost 4 years (that's almost our whole marriage), we're making a change. we'll be leaving the salt lake valley, which makes me super sad, and heading a little north. instead of a basement apartment with hardly any light, we'll be in a house. a house. i can hardly take it. i'm so excited. the move date... a month from today.

we love living in salt lake. especially because we get so many visitors. uncle dev was in town today. we went to the tuxedo store, watched some olympics, and got snow cones. we love this guy. 

later in the afternoon, aunt chelsea took brooklyn birthday shopping. boy was brooklyn in for a treat. she got to have her first shopping experience at nordstroms. after browsing for a little bit, we decided on some a-dor-able black sparkly toms. little baby toms. oh my heavens. i could hardly take all the cuteness. brooklyn loved trying on the shoes and even gave the shoe girl a nice big hug when the ones we decided on were strapped on her little chubby feet. let's just say she had the shoe girl wrapped around her little finger. that won her a balloon. her favorite. thanks again aunt chelsea.

we ended the night with cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. thanks to facebook, we all got nice big slices for half the price. we couldn't give up that opportunity. next to the awesome cheesecake was the fact that we had one of the best seats in the whole restaurant. our booth was right next to the window. so much light in such a dark restaurant. brooklyn was so good. she stayed entertained with chelsea's ipad and spoons. such a fun evening, and such good cheesecake. oh and great company.

w e l c o m e  a u g u s t 

we love the changes you have in store for us. 

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