Tuesday, July 31, 2012

family night and a birthday.

our monday was spent inside. we stayed busy. i got some things done that i have on my weekly to do list and brooklyn thoroughly enjoyed playing with her blocks and watching the olympics most of the day. she did have to take a break to come grocery shopping with me. luckily, she was happy and content the whole time. this never happens. grocery shopping + brooklyn usually = disaster and tears. maybe it's because we went shopping on a monday. i usually go on wednesdays or thursdays. i might have to switch to mondays if she's happier to go at the beginning of the week. really. i probably won't switch. i'm a character of routine.

the evening was spent out and about celebrating my dad's birthday. he wasn't super happy to be celebrating being another year older, but we were grateful for the excuse to get together. sadly, we were missing three of my siblings. we missed you guys! those of us that were there, enjoyed some dang good food at the new and improved wingers (go check it out for real). i had the wings and waffles. soooo good. i loved it. my dad opened his presents at the table and we all splurged on dessert. good thing we had to walk a ways to the mall and all through the mall to get brooklyn's dress for her uncle dev's wedding. less than three weeks away! i also agreed to get on a very spinny kiddie ride with brooklyn to act as a safety post. not smart. i don't do well going round and round. brooklyn loved it though. she loved coming around seeing familiar faces and sticking hers out as far as i would let her.

the night ended in a very mellow fashion. we turned the olympics off, got brooklyn ready for bed, and james read her some stories. very much the kind of night i needed. we have a lot going on right now and being able to enjoy some nice quiet time at the end of a crazy day is just heaven.

(in her birthday jammies from auntie ween)

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y  d a d !

i hope you're out golfing or something fun like that. remember your birthday last year

we love you.

BIG announcement coming tomorrow!

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