Thursday, August 2, 2012

this little of mine...

dinner last night was nice and simple. fish, veggies, and banana bread. kind of a representation of our day. we turned off the olympics (i'm not getting anything done until they're over, anyone else?) and headed to the water park. even though it takes some effort to pack up a small one and all the things needed for the water park, it really is worth it, and totally makes for a fun relaxed summer day. i have a system down that makes it quite simple. so i really can justify going swimming a few times a week.

 we got to the water park and just hung out together. brooklyn takes after me in that she is a people watcher. for this, we go to the lazy river. it mellows her out and we both get a chance to just soak up the sun, cool off in the water, and do some good ol people watching.

brooklyn is in a stage right now where she is a little more willing to cuddle and especially loves to put her arms around your neck. i love this. i never want it to change. while we were in the wave pool she suddenly decided that she wanted me to hold her. i didn't hesitate to pick her right up and sit down in the shallow end with all of her limbs wound around me. i was in pure heaven. honestly. she did that for about twenty minutes. occasionally she would put her mouth on my wet shoulder and nibble a little. loved that too. it was seriously one of those moments that makes me so grateful to be a mother. the joy is inexpressable. it's in those moments that i truly never want her to grow up. ever. i want her to stay just this size. i want her to always want to cuddle with me. i want her to always just want her mom (ok not always, but mostly). oh my goodness. i am so grateful for this joy. and i am so grateful for this little of mine who creates it.

enjoy some pictures taken during our snack break.

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