Wednesday, July 18, 2012

day date.

yesterday i had a day date with my mom. brooklyn came too.

we had some errands to run, but they were fun errands, and also...we had lunch... and treats.

we started with swim suit shopping. she's going on a cruise next week and needed a new fun suit. so we did that. brooklyn very much enjoyed climbing through the metal poles holding the swimming suits while grandma did the trying on. 

then it was a quick trip to layton to pick up some of my goodies from pick your plum. haven't heard of them? you should look into it. they're great! and super duper friendly in person. super.

then, maybe my most favorite thing we did, lunch. we lunched at plates and palates in bountiful. i highly 
recommend this place. we shared the pear and pecan salad with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. roll on the side.

then, we both had a coconut cupcake. he's the coconut cake's little brother we were told. it was honestly THE best cupcake i've ever put in my mouth. no joke. i know i say that about almost all food, and i'm being serious when i do, but this really WAS. believe me. go get one. i plan to in the very near future. oh that frosting. 

brooklyn, however, was not impressed with lunch. she was hungry and tired. so i tried nursing her right there in the eating establishment. it worked for about 30 seconds. she was much too distracted by everything else going on around her. lots of people, other babies, and fun kitchen gadets (at her eye level mind you) all over. so i put her down and let her explore for a sec. but that turned into a little too much exploring, so my mom held her while i ate, and then i held her while she finished eating. not ideal. but when there's a baby involved, that's what you have to do. so i'd like to try that place again either with a happy baby, or with adults only. not a great place for a very curious baby. i didn't want to pay for things that did not survive her grab and drop on the cement floor.

fashion place mall was next. nordstroms, vs, bath and body works, a little peak into build-a-bear, and janie and jack. how cute is this hat??? i mean seriously. very anne of green gablesesque. too cute. and too expensive.

brooklyn wore us right out in that mall. no joke. she was into everything she could reach. picture the bath and body works shelves stocked to the brim with lotions, sprays, and other smell good stuff. she wanted to hold all off it and drop all of it.  we had to stop and get a drink. a large one. pomegranate lemonade. delish. brooklyn loved it too. i think it hit the spot for all of us.

 last stop of the day, sunflower market (or sprouts). this was our quickest stop. in and out. we were both exhausted and the babe was ready for a nap. on the way out of the store, she grunted very loudly, and tried to pick up that watermelon. hilarious. so cute. she loves lifting heavy things. not sure where that came from, nor the energy with which she had to even attempt lifting a watermelon.

it was so nice to spend the day with you mom. we need to do it more often. i loved it. so did brookie. there are a lot of other places i want to take you. so let's plan a day. k?

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