Tuesday, July 17, 2012

those days.

today i...

ran errands in my rain boots
felt like baking, but didn't
finished this book. it's a must read people (er women).
got to have my husband home at 3 o'clock
died over brooklyn's legs and bum in her shorts. so cute.
left dinner up to the crock pot
browsed my BHG magazine nice and slowly
changed two poopy diapers
made my bed 
did not do my laundry
ate graham crackers for lunch
took brooklyn for a walk

was not super productive. but ya know what? sometimes a girl's just gotta have that kind of a day. i really really enjoy them. even if it is a monday. a monday coming off a nice relaxing weekend. that's ok right? days like these keep me sane when my other days are crazy/busy/productive. so when a nice gray rainy day lends itself, i hop on board the take-it-easy train. in fact, i'm probably the first person aboard. my ticket's purchased the second i open my eyes and see the cloudy skies. i promise i'm not lazy. really.  just letting myself have a little break. i think brooklyn loves these days. she gets much more of her mommy's attention. gold star for rainy days. and a gold star for crock pot dinners

fyi... my little baby... will be 1 in 9 days. i can't even take it.

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