Thursday, July 19, 2012

the killer cookie.

highlights of our day (too tired and worn out to go into too much detail):

finding an awesome burger joint right here in taylorsville (we've driven past a million times and never stopped). seriously go check it out. bell's deli.

their monster cookie is to die for.

james worked from home which was so nice.

brooklyn thought that meant he should play with her all day. or maybe that she should help him with his work.

she also mastered climbing onto the couch. my heavens. my life just a got a little harder. no more leaving her alone in the living room. still working on getting down the safest way, feet first.

dev and colb came to spend the night. they both have jobs nearby and we are more than happy to have them. they're sprawled out in my living room as i type this. tired boys.

i enjoyed a nice bbq with my young women. delicious food and good conversation. grateful for the sun behind the clouds.

to end the day, we watched the first batman. i just love that christian bale. i really do. a newsie and batman? doesn't get better than that.

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